Emmet County Democrats' Core Beliefs

That first and foremost, the government has a responsibility to play a positive role in providing for the common good of all in our society.

Ways that government should do this are:

  • Making decisions based on critical thinking about issues and using scientific principles in developing public policy

  • Maintaining the constitutional principles of separation of church and state

  • Promoting progressive tax policies

  • Standing for working people and for the right of workers to organize and negotiate

  • Protecting and expanding voting rights

  • Promoting quality public education for all, as well as making higher education accessible and affordable to all

  • Respecting and protecting the human and legal rights of diverse groups in our society, including ethnic minorities

  • Respecting and protecting the human and legal rights of women

  • Insuring that quality healthcare is provided as a right for all citizens, regardless of economic status, age, ethnicity or health status

  • Protecting our air, water and environment, including recognizing and working to mitigate the human factors that contribute to global climate change

Developed in discussion at June 22, 2017 ECDC General Membership meeting